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UHP Fire Fighting Pump

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Everything to know about UHP Firefighting Pump.

The concept behind using ultra high pressure is to get the most out of as few resources as possible while still having the greatest possible impact. "Smaller droplets, Bigger impact".

UHP Firefighting pump

When a fire breaks out somewhere, it really only affects a small portion of the surroundings, but it ends up causing so much damage because there's so much water and smoke. UHP technology uses only 1/5 as much water and smoke as conventional methods, which helps to suppress fire and the amount of damage that is done to the structure.

The high pressure causes the water droplet to become 1/64 of its normal size, and it then disperses the same amount of water so that it can cover a larger area. The widespread dispersion of droplets, which, as is well known, maximizes the amount of heat absorbed and tends to bring down the temperature by more than one thousand degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds.

Due to the UHP technology, a larger area is covered which puts out fire in half the time and uses only 1/5th the amount of water in comparison to the conventional methods, which makes it a more reliable and safer option.

The utilisation of ultra-high-powered technology increases the speed of attack, which puts out fires in a fraction of a second and reduces the amount of damage done to both people and property. UHP is a technological advancement that ensures the safety of firefighters because of the simple handling mechanism and the fact that they only have to spend a short period of time in highly unsafe environments.

The Benefits of Ultra High-Pressure firefighting pump are:

  • More surface area is covered. - As the system pressure rises, the size of the water droplets decreases. Using ultra high-pressure reduces water droplets to less than 5% of the size of a conventional low-pressure system droplet.

  • Unprecedented water usage - The amount of water used to extinguish can be lowered by up to 60%+. For efficient fire breaks and greater protection against rekindling, ultra high pressure spray shows better results.

  • Flexibility - Low water usage combined with the light weight of the systems allows you to fight the fire no matter how far away it is. For optimum flexibility near the fire, the systems also use light-weight high-pressure hose.

  • Mist of Cooling - After field testing, it was revealed that the mist from the high-pressure spray served as a coolant, keeping the firefighter cool when approaching the fire in grass and wildfire situations.

UHP Fire Fighting pump has also been shown to be particularly successful in vertically flowing liquid fuel fires, as it extinguishes the fire rapidly enough to prevent the pooled liquid from reigniting while chasing the fire in the fuel back to its source. Previously, flames of this nature were put out with a combination of foam and dry chemicals. As a result, UHP has the potential to provide stronger extinguishing capabilities while utilizing less water.This allowed a truck carrying 400 gallons of water to extinguish a fire as effectively as a truck carrying 1,500 gallons of water.

Just like, PressureJet recently supplied 8 high pressure fire suppression systems to the Defense Research & Development Organisation for Naval platforms to optimize their resources effectively. PressureJet manufactures High Pressure Plunger Pumps ranging from 75 bar to 200 bar Pressure and 14 LPM to 445 LPM Flow Rate, which is the standard and suitable measurements for UHP fire fighting pumps

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