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UHP Fire Fighting System

Every fire you face is unique, and there are always surprises. You walk into a building with no idea what it's made of or who might be within. That's why, when you arrive at a fire, the only things you have to rely on are your power and the best equipment available for the job. equipment that extinguishes fires more quickly and safely than ever before. When the stakes are high, you'll need Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Fire Suppression Systems to keep the fire at bay.

We, at PressureJet, design and manufacture the long-lasting and most reliable High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps ranging from 75 bar to 200 bar pressure and 14 LPM to 445 LPM flow rate, for Ultra High Pressure Fire Fighting Systems, with field proven reliability in applications.

With a UHP fire suppression pump and the proper attack forms, upper-layer room temperatures can be reduced by more than 1,000 °F in seconds.Because of the rapid dispersion of smoke, the UHP Fire Fighting Pump has improved safety and visibility.

Research shows that less than 20% of water directly reaches a fire without UHP Fire Suppression Systems, compared to 90% with UHP Fire Fighting Systems.

In the realm of UHP Fire Fighting Pumps and Systems, PressureJet is a market leader. 

We propose scheduling a video conference to have a better understanding of the PressureJet infrastructure without having to rely on our words. And you may rest assured that you're holding the most effective tools for the job.


UHP Fire Fighting Application 

Custom System